OSHG Update 1.0 is launching soon!
We have been working hard on the server. Check in regularly to see future updates.

Server IP: Oldschoolhungergames.de
Hungergames like in the good old times!

Soon we will launch our new hungergame server with oldschool feeling. Spawn in an untouched world with a few hidden chests with random content. Try to keep up with fast paced PvP or stay hidden and wait for a tactical opportunity to strike. What counts in the end is victory.

Kits to expand the gameplay!

We added several kits to maximize fun:

  1. Soupenhancer - Enhanced soups with health and regeneration buffs
  2. Fischenhancer - Enhanced buffs with a variety of buffs
  3. Fistfighter - Simple and plain iron fists with additional damage
  4. Sprinter - Movementspeed buff on sprint
  5. Intelgatherer - Keep track on your enemies items and use superior tactics to engage into fights
  6. Vampir - Heal up on your enemy when you attack them
  7. Logisticexpert - Have an additional inventory to store up to 9 more items